Pamela Lyss-Lerman, M.D.    An Adult Psychiatrist in San Francisco, CA

Pamela Lyss-Lerman, M.D.
4111 18th Street, Suite 7
San Francisco, CA 94114


The initial consultation usually takes place over one to four 50 minute sessions.  This will allow us to determine together whether we feel we can create an ongoing therapeutic relationship.  

Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes, as well. I usually meet with patients one to two times weekly. We can arrange for more or less frequent sessions once we determine our goals for your therapy. Therapy is most effective when the sessions are consistent and frequent. Medications may be used when we deem them necessary or appropriate.

Medication management sessions are either 25 or 50 minutes long and occur on a monthly basis. These services are available to people seeking psychiatric services who are already in regularly scheduled therapy sessions with another mental health provider. I will regularly collaborate with this therapist to ensure the safest and most appropriate treatment for you.

Fees and Payments:

Before we decide to enter into treatment together, we will have a five to ten minute phone conversation to determine whether I would be a good fit for you and your needs. There is no fee for this initial screen.

Please contact me directly to discuss my fees. I am currently on Anthem Blue Cross. Even if I do not accept your insurance, you may be able to receive reimbursement for a portion of our sessions from your insurance company depending upon your plan. I may be able to help you navigate this complicated system.  

Additionally, psychiatric services are eligible for flexible spending account reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact me by voicemail or email at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time to change or cancel your appointment. The full fee for your appointment will be charged if the appointment is canceled within the 48 hours.  If you need to change your appointment time, I will make every effort to reschedule your session for another time that same week. If I can fill your appointment time with another patient, I will not charge you the cancellation fee.

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